Siddha-Gufa (divine cave): It started here.

Sid­dha Gufa ,

Sawain Vil­lage Near Tundla Rail­way sta­tion, Agra, Uttar Pradesh  India

Here are some pic­tures found on the web, (copy­right Mahesh Rawat. Many thanks to Mahesh Rawat for post­ing on his blog).

This is the cave where, HH Ram­lal ji Maharaj stayed for a few years and used to med­i­tate. He used his ‘anima’ sid­dhi to once become as tiny as an atom to get out of the locked cave and fly to Nepal (laghima Sid­dhi). All these super­nat­ural pow­ers seem unreal and fan­tasies in today’s  times. How­ever accord­ing to ancient yoga lit­er­a­ture, this is humanly pos­si­ble by highly advanced prac­ti­tion­ers or yoga. I am yet to come across any liv­ing yogi who can per­form such feats. I guess such super­nat­ural beings would never want to come into the soci­ety and waste their time. They would rather spend their time med­i­tat­ing in the Himalayas expe­ri­enc­ing supreme bliss. The yogis we see in our mod­ern soci­ety are more con­cerned with build­ing Ashrams and amass­ing wealth. A true yogi does not care about money and will never go after com­forts in life.

9 thoughts on “Siddha-Gufa (divine cave): It started here.

  1. I m xtremely happy 2 watch the xtent of devo­tion of our brthrs n sistrs’s devo­tion n faith in our shri gurudev n shri dadagurudev.…especially the youth group.….the work of yog prachar is going well.….

  2. jai shree prabhu ji

    tasho prabhu mori dui kar jori , vinaya ek sun lijiye
    ur basau niran­tar shri­pad sun­der ashish mujhko dije

    siddh gufa sam teerath nahi sab dhamo ka dham
    janha par prabhu vira­jte mere ram­lal sukhdham

  3. param Parbhu shri RAMLAL JI MaHRAj ki sda hi jai ho.era aapki kripa se sab kaam ho rha hai.krte ho tum parbhu ji mera naam ho rha hai.

  4. Jai Sri prab­huji
    Thanks to Sri Ram­lal Prab­huji and devo­tees
    Iam very happy to see this details
    My father,sister are devo­tees to sri 1008 Ram­lal prab­huji
    Rama Lingeswara Rao

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