Photos of Prabhuji’s birthplace

These are some pho­tos taken recently in Amrit­sar, India. HH Sri Ram­lal ji Maharaj was born in Amrit­sar. His descen­dants still main­tain this place and have con­verted the room he was born into a temple.

5 thoughts on “Photos of Prabhuji’s birthplace

  1. My Great Prabhu Ram­lal ji pics is so great. I wish to visit the divine palace.

    Bol Shri Sachi­danand Maha Prabhu Shri Ram­lal Puran­pal brahmn bhag­wan ki Jai

    Jai Shri Swami Mulakh Raj ji ki

    Jai Shri Sat­guru Maharaj ji ki

    Jai Mata Rani Maharaj Ji ki

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