How does Lord Shiva look like?

Lord shiva we see in paintings

Here is a quick sketch of Shiva Baba. (Lord Shiva) in a yogi form. This was the phys­i­cal form described by HH Ram­lal ji Maharaj (Mahav­tar Babaji) when he received his ini­ti­a­tion from Lord Shiva. This is quite dif­fer­ent from what we have been see­ing in books and paint­ings. Lord Shiva was seen as an old yogi by HH Ram­lal ji Maharaj  in Nepal Himalayas.  HH Sri Ram­lal ji Maharaj stayed with Lord Shiva  for sev­eral months to prac­tice higher forms of Yoga.

Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva in a Yogi phys­i­cal form that ini­ti­ated Mahav­tar Babaji (HH Sri Ram­lal ji Maharaj)

5 thoughts on “How does Lord Shiva look like?

  1. I am sorry to say.…but i do not think lord shiva looks like the figure(old yogi with long beard) which is being depicted …!!!! lord shiva is described as being extremely beau­ti­ful, with a face like that of shape of conch, eyes like petals of lotus,complexion like that of radi­ant moon, and blue throat,and beau­ti­ful matt of long hair.moon on forehead.……in vedas and puranas…and based on that we have the Pic­ture of lord shiva which is com­monly seen everywhere.…the above pic(old yogi) could be very well be a form or man­i­fes­ta­tion of lord shiva on earth for some time so as to hide is real iden­tity from com­mon people.…but real form should indeed be very beau­ti­ful one…!

    • This is a yogi form of Lord Shiva. The other pop­u­lar form is for all of us who need a beau­ti­ful idol­ized form to help focus on in rit­u­als. Ulti­mately God is form­less. How­ever in order to reach that form­less state we need some sort of form. It could be a pic­ture, idol, stone, book, chant, prayer, rit­ual, .… any­thing phys­i­cal. For exam­ple we all know there is a ‘sweet’ taste in this world. But to some­one who has not ever known what a sweet taste is, he has to either eat sugar, candy, cake or eat sugar or read about it in a phys­i­cal book, or hear about it from some­one as sound. But the truth is that the abstract con­cept of ‘sweet­ness’ is form­less. One can eas­ily under­stand this con­cept through any of the phys­i­cal means explained above. We should not be stuck with the phys­i­cal objects of if god is wear­ing yel­low color or red color or if he looks this way or that way or debat­ing between who is greater than the other. These are all man made ideas. The truth is dif­fer­ent and man made ideas are just tools to help reach final des­ti­na­tion. Hope this makes sense now.

  2. I have seen lord shiva.It is not a mat­ter of see­ing him,its all about expe­ri­enc­ing him.In tamil we say “anbe sivam”.He is full­ness of love,love,love.he never judges,he loves every­one as his children.he is happy in our hap­pi­ness and unity with one another.I saw him first as a very huge being in the moun­tains of himalayas as grand as the moun­tains itself ‚he was brown in colour and wore only a small piece of cloth around his waist.I did not see his face.he was phys­i­cally very manly ‚and inside like a 100% mother.he gave me love,love,love ever flow­ing love.he is such a won­der­ful god.U will die for this love.…oh!!!i can go on and sweet his love,my lord mahadeva.Then on my trip to kedarnath,as i med­i­tated in the tem­ple i saw a fair face of a very beau­ti­ful women…in a hue of blue light ‚i thought it was the form of a goddesses,but the form dis­ap­peared and appeared as a male with light beard and free flow­ing hair.Then in my dream,I saw a large moun­tain change into a pre­di­a­tor with red eyes,it spoke through telepa­thy and killed another pre­di­a­tor that was keep­ing peo­ple bonded with a small knife kept at his hip.I shiv­ered at first at the sight of the alien who wore only a piece of cloth below,the pre­di­a­tor did not harm any­one and i felt very safe with him.….like a child feels with a father and fol­lowed him.I have so many sto­ries of him.but in essen­tial he is very very loving.I thank jesus and sathguru for lead­ing me to him.i guess i have seen the var­i­ous forms of lord shiva,but his essence is one.……love .…love.….….

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